Bellevue Hill

Built on the side of a steep Sydney sandhill, a piling rig could not be used.As a result, hundreds of piers, up to 6m in depth, were sunk by hand and, possibly,30,000 litres of water and soft drink were consumed in the process. The concreteblade walls that surround the building are a work of art. They were completed bya father and son team who meticulously placed each piece of formply and concrete,to joinery tolerances. The ease with which the building came together is a tributeto the architect and our site staff; every duct, pipe and drainage point were meticulouslyplanned. The architect was completely uncompromising in his approach, the detailsprovided were outstanding – nothing was left to chance – and the result is a statementof his talent and commitment.

Customer Comment

Chris Yuncken is a very committed and professional builder. His ethos for finished quality is adopted by all senior employees within the group, and his accessibility and lateral approach to problems made working with him during a long and difficult process a pleasure.


Rosevear Architects


December 2009

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